A. Nicklas Malik

website_portraitNick Malik is the President and Principal Consultant at “Vanguard EA”, a Seattle based business and IT consulting firm.  He is a former Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Architect and the former Director of EA Segment Services in the Microsoft IT Enterprise Architecture program.

Over the course of the past 32 years in various high-tech roles, Nick has worked in a wide array of organizations including financial services, real estate, health care, telecommunications, manufacturing, software, entertainment, hospitality, oil and gas, and government.  He has played both business and technology roles, and brings a wide understanding of business strategy, leadership, and technical prowess to each engagement.

Author, blogger, speaker, and general troublemaker, his most recent book is Stories That Move Mountains, a book on visual storytelling written with Martin Sykes and Mark West.  In 2009, Nick created and released a widely acknowledged open source metamodel for enterprise business architecture: the Enterprise Business Motivation Model (www.motivationmodel.com).

Nick holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he graduated with honors from the College Scholars program.  As a College Scholar, he focused on Artificial Intelligence and Human Factors Computing.